HOTS (Healing On The Streets) is an excellent opportunity to put into practice what Jesus told us to do – Matt. 10:8.

Taking part in HOTS benefits both you and the world around you:

You and me:

  • we learn to connect with people wherever they are
  • we learn to show God’s love to people
  • helps us to find our gifts
  • we start to understand more who we are in Christ and the authority we possess in Him
  • we get to take part in God’s almost unbelievable miracles!

The world around you:

  • people find out God’s super plan in Jesus for them
  • the sick get healed

Right now you are probably thinking that this kind of weird stuff doesn’t work in modern society.  Well, come and check it out.

If, on the other hand, you are a Christian but you think that you lack the anointing, power or whatever mantle, I have news for you – you don’t anything that you don’t already have in Jesus.  The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you and He is sufficient for everything.

If you want to come and check it out, welcome (during the winter season) every Thursday starting at 6 pm at the Järvenpään kävelykatu.

If you want to start serving in our HOTS team please contact us at

A practical example:

YouTube Preview Image